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Journal History

Just a list of possible plots for this Minecraft thing if I do it. The main character finally has a name: Ember. She's a young lady that prefers to be alone and likes to study Mobs. That is something that stays the same throughout all plots. 
  • Ember begins suffering from nightmares of a man asking to be freed. She sets out to find his prison as she debates whether or not she should rescue him. Along the way she is joined by an Enderman who also seeks the one imprisoned saying that only he can restore balance to his homeland.
  • Ember takes in a wounded stranger she found on the edge of town. As "thanks" he grants her the ability to understand Mobs, which leaves her with a distinguishing feature- her eyes are completely white. At first, Ember is fine with this and uses her new ability to befriend an Enderman. But it leads to trouble when a Mob Hunter shows up and tries to kill her, saying she has been cursed. She is forced out of town and decides to find the man who "cursed" her and get some answers, with the help of her new Enderman friend.
  • Ember falls into a Nether portal and discovers a fortress city, ran entirely by Mobs. Before she can flee she is captured and thrown in prison with three others she cannot see. One is a talkative adventurer who stumbled in by accident a few months ago. One speaks in a language that Ember cannot understand. And one speaks very little, but translates for the one she can't understand. Over time, the four of them come to an agreement to work together in order to escape and get back to the Overworld. Ember is surprised to discover that her fellow inmates are a long lost Hero of the Overworld, an Enderman that has lost his ability to teleport, and a strange man with white eyes.
  • Ember arrives in a strange kingdom, falling from the sky. She has memories of a different world where Mobs and humans fight each other on a daily basis- and yet here they leave peacefully together. To make matters worse, the king seems to think she is his long lost wife! 

I am leaning towards the last two. The 2nd to last just hit me as I was writing this and I am thoroughly entertained by the idea of a prison break XD


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United States

Welcome To My Corner Of The Internet

Artist | Obsessive | Has Major Issues | Hardcore Christian
Age: 21

"If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men."
-Romans 12:18

I am a self proclaimed artist and writer.
I keep things clean here. No cussing or anything NSFW.
Currently working on my story, A Meeting In The Dark.
I am not as active as I used to be but I do check my messages when I can.
Things I enjoy: Robots, Aliens, and Monsters.

I draw whatever I please, whenever I please.
If you wish to use my art for any reason, Please ASK and say what you intend to use it for.




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uhhh not much to think about. It was my lazy year right after I graduated. Why do you ask?
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I'm very very sorry I've been my same old procrastinator self, I didn't read any of the newer AMiTD chapters in a very long while, I'll be reading them as soon as I finish with this message.

Now that I've got that out of my chest, it's been a long time my good friend, how have you been? I'm sure God has been at your side :)
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Hey thanks for being honest lol. I totally understand. You got a life and other stuff to do and I'm dragging my butt with writing some of it so no pressure. Thanks for reading though.

And I've been up and down. Been trying to reach out more to irl people and get out of the house as much as I can. God really has helped me.
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Your welcome, I don't really have much of a life :P It is relaxing though, lately all I have been doing is reading, writing stories, drawing and playing video games.

 May God keep on blessing you with peace and happiness :)
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Yeah it can be. Relaxing is always good.
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i got a question for u what is ur favourite spaceship in stargate
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